One of the great pillars, and success, of our organization is our network of suppliers

At Sonae MC we continuously invest in a close relationship in order to guarantee high quality products and services. Specifically for private label suppliers, we assume the dual role of evaluating and qualifying the partners who can work with Sonae MC and also find improvement points in their operations that ensure greater efficiency and a more sustainable future. Strengthening partner relationships with our suppliers is a factor in maximizing trust, respect and mutual value generation.

4 principles oversee this vision of partnership

· Sustainability· Ethics· Justice· Honesty

Sonae MC's relationship with suppliers reveals very positive indicators

+ 3.000

Suppliers included in our network

+ 150.000

Tons of national products purchased from Continente Producers Club


Purchases made to suppliers with relationship ≥ 5 years


First Portuguese retailer to adhere to the European Code of Conduct on the Food Supply Chain

Clube de Produtores

The "Clube de Produtores Continente" was created in 1998 to bring Sonae MC closer to national producers. Its mission is to promote national products in accordance with high quality and safety standards, supporting its associates in a consistent and structured manner.


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