We are at the forefront of retail in Portugal

Innovation is one of our strategic pillars.Our teams work on a daily basis to anticipate and respond to customer needs.

Check out the projects we have been developing over the last few years.

Continente Card App

RPA - Robotic Process Automation

For a future with more babies

Liquid Skyr

Smart Continente App

Best and Best Cherries and other Portuguese Fruits in the Stores

Improved Efficiency in the Fish Distribution Center

META Project

Closed System of Continente Seleção Coffee - Coffee Machine and Continente Seleção Exclusive Capsules

Well's Health Plan

Transformar.te Project

Fast Ideation Week for Retail

Coolbox implementation

Continente App

Loyalty / Credit Universe Card

From fish smell to transport consolidation

Well's Optical

Review of the MAKENOTES logistic process

ROPP Project

Storage for Maxmat

Waste to Energy

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