Open innovation network

Innovation in the 21st century requires cooperation and co-creation. That is why we continuously drive our efforts to build an Open Innovation Network that is diverse and multidisciplinary.

This process ensures that:· we are alert to new behavioural patterns of clients· we explore, analyse and understand the most promising emerging technologies· we formulate and prioritize hypotheses for possible solutions· we materialize the hypotheses through prototypes, concept validations and "minimum viable products"· we test these assumptions, getting feedback from target clients, we expand the experiences and scale them up

Estamos atentos aos novos padrões comportamentais dos clientes

Exploramos, analisamos e entendemos as tecnologias emergentes mais promissoras

Formulamos e priorizamos hipóteses para possíveis soluções

Materializamos as hipóteses através de protótipos, validações de conceito e “produtos mínimos viáveis”

Testamos essas hipóteses, obtendo feedback de clientes-alvo expandimos as experiências e damos-lhes escala

Innovation model with centralized facilitation and acceleration

Inovadores Externos

Science & Tech Partners

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Entrepreneurship Players

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Retail Players

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Inovadores Internos


  • Sonae IM

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  • Worten

  • Sonae Arouco

  • Sonae Capital

Unidade de Inovação Sonae MC
É o departamento responsável pela facilitação e aceleração das atividades de inovação da Sonae MC.

Unidade de Inovação Sonae MC

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