Covid-19 Information

Covid-19 Information

For 35 years we have been accompanying Portuguese families. Aware of the importance of our services to the population, we are confident in our response capability and that we will continue to provide essential goods to everyone.


In addition to having been carefully monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19, a contingency plan is in place, in order to respond to all challenges that may arise, always following the guidelines of the competent authorities.


To our employees and their families, suppliers, transporters and partners, thank you. Only with your contribution can we ensure service to the community.


We ask everyone to follow the recommendations of the authorities and experts; health and well-being are always first.


For the good of all, the best of each: watch the film here >

Our priority is to guarantee the safety of both customers and employees and as such we have been implementing, for both, a set of preventive and informational measures.

For our customers

On Continente, we are aware of our responsibility towards the country, and it is with this sense of mission that we continue to monitor and follow the guidelines of the General Directorate of Health and the Ministry of Economy on a daily basis. Aware that Food Distribution is an essential and critical service, we have outlined a solid contingency plan, guaranteeing the total protection of both employees and customers, for everyone’s ease of mind.

Continente stores’ teams are committed and mobilized in order to keep the activity as normal as possible. We are keeping the same opening hours, but there may be occasional adjustments that are always up to date at

Check the schedule for the store of your preference here.

    • Safety distances: We have implemented measures to safeguard safety distances between our customers and our employees (2m), which are duly marked in stores (for instance, next to service counters and cashiers).
    • Protective barriers: We have installed acrylic protection barriers in payment areas and information counters, in all stores.
    • Payment methods: we remind you of the payment methods available in our stores, which do not imply the use of the payment terminal (POS terminal): payment by MBWay, payment via the Cartão Continente App – Continente Pay and Continente Siga app.

Every day, we clean and disinfect all Continente stores and social areas as well as the distribution chain for operations and supply, with greater attention to the surfaces most exposed to physical contact, namely shopping carts and baskets.

These cleaning and sanitization reinforcements are carried out throughout the entire working hours, yet adding a total sanitization process, carried out by an external company, at night.

These are fundamental measures so that we can welcome customers in our stores with greater safety.

In some stores, consumption has been above normal levels. So far, Continente has been able to respond to this increase in demand. In some periods of the day, the pace of product replacement may not keep up with the outflow, but there is no depletion of any essential goods.

    • We are prioritising the supply of basic necessity goods, so, in other types of products, the replacement in our stores may not be as fast.
    • We have not changed product prices or promotions.
    • We have implemented a purchase limit of 2 packages of disinfectant gel and alcohol per person.

In Continente Online, we are at maximum capacity levels so that we can continue to serve the Portuguese. Additionally, following the health entities’ recommendations to contain COVID-19, we are implementing temporary changes to the service:

    • Home deliveries will now be carried out at the Client’s door, with no entry of our employees on site.
    • There will be no collection of plastic bags from previous orders, what usually happens under our recycling policy. However, we will credit on Continente Card the value of the bags delivered, as if you had made the full return of the bags from the previous order.
    • It is not possible to pay for the order upon delivery. Therefore, you must pay with a credit card, MB Way or PayPal, as you place your order.
      • This change also applies to Click & Go orders (orders with in-store pick up)
      • We remind you that with the credit card option, when placing the order, the total amount will be reserved, plus 3%, for possible differences in value due to variations in fresh produce’s weight or unavailable products’ replacement. Your credit card will only be charged for the exact amount on the invoice after receiving your order.
    • In order to focus our resources on home delivery, we reduced the number of stores with Click & Go service. This service is now only available at Continente Cascaishopping, Continente Maia Jardim, Continente Valongo, Continente Viseu, Continente Covilhã, Continente Guia, Continente CoimbraShopping, Continente Gaiashopping, Continente Braga Minho Center, Continente Guimarães, Continente Leiria, Continente Montijo, Continente Seixal and Continente Gaia Jardim.
    • You will receive an SMS the day before the chosen delivery date, reminding you of the delivery schedule. You can always check your order details in the “history” option in your account.
    • To check all the information associated with changes to the Continente Online service, see this page.
    • We remind you that you can quickly build your shopping cart on the Continente App – available on the App Store and Google Play – as an alternative to the currently existing queue system on

At Continente stores, throughout the entire opening hours, we give priority to Health Professionals, Security Forces and Risk Groups, both at the store entrance and at the service.

This way, whenever possible, we have created a priority passage area for this purpose, at the entrance of our stores, while maintaining the entry regulation, respecting the 4 customers per 100 m2 rule

For each group, priority can be verified as follows:

    • People over 70 years old: by means of an identification document – Identity Card, Passport, Driver’s License or any other document that attests to the age.
    • People with non-visible disability; people with disease and immunocompromised, namely hypertensive, diabetic, cardiovascular patients, people with chronic respiratory disease and cancer patients: through medical certificate or other document issued by a doctor or hospital / health centre / competent authority to issue statements about health status.
    • Pregnant women: through the pregnant health bulletin or medical certificate.
    • Health professionals, security forces and services, protection and relief services, armed forces personnel and social support service providers: through professional identification document / professional card.
    • People with visible disabilities and people accompanying infants: they do not need a supporting document.

For our employees

Employees in the food distribution sector are at the frontline of service to the population, and therefore deserve our recognition.
Sonae MC’s teams are following a contingency plan that includes measures that guarantee the total protection of both employees and customers.

With regard to the protection of our employees, we are following the rules defined by the World Health Organization, providing them with disinfectant gel, face masks and gloves. In addition, the following measures were taken:

    • Safety distances: We have implemented measures to safeguard safety distances between our customers and our employees (2m), which are duly marked in stores (for instance, next to service counters and cashiers).
    • Protective barriers: We have installed acrylic protection barriers in payment areas and information counters, in all stores.

Every day, we clean and disinfect all Continente stores, social areas and workstations as well as the distribution chain for operations and supply.

These cleaning and sanitization reinforcements are carried out throughout the entire working hours, yet adding a total sanitization process, carried out by an external company, at night.

During the initial period of greater affluence to stores, we have provided Continente stores and warehouses’ employees with an exclusive timetable so that they could make their purchases safely and quietly.

Keeping the same opening hours in our stores allows customers to make purchases at different times, thus avoiding queues and gathering of people, thus protecting customers and employees.

The regulation for entry in our stores, which is limited to the presence of 4 customers per 100m2 of store, also aims to promote the safety of both customers and employees.

All employees who, due to the nature of their duties, have the possibility to work from home, are teleworking.

This measure was also guaranteed by our partner – Manpower Group Solutions – in order to cover its employees who are assigned to SONAE MC’s Customer Service, under these conditions.

For our community

Food Distribution has been recognized as a critical service by the Government and Sonae MC is aware of its responsibility towards the country, following the guidelines of the General Health Directorate and the Ministry of Economy.

Since the arrival of the new coronavirus in Portugal, ‘Missão Continente’ has already responded to several requests for support, distributing thousands of items, such as food, hygiene products and PPEs (personal protective equipment) to dozens of entities, including hospitals, municipalities and solidarity institutions, with the aim of helping not only the most vulnerable and in a situation of illness, but also health professionals and security forces that remain at the frontline in the fight against COVID-19.


Santa Maria Hospital (Lisbon), Pulido Valente Hospital (Lisbon), São José Hospital (Lisbon), Capuchos’ Hospital (Lisbon), Santa Marta Hospital (Lisbon), Dona Estefânia Hospital (Lisbon), Curry Cabral Hospital ( Lisbon), Dr. Alfredo da Costa Maternity Hospital (Lisbon), Egas Moniz Hospital (Lisbon), Santa Cruz Hospital (Lisbon), São Francisco Xavier Hospital (Lisbon), Prof. Dr. Fernando da Fonseca Hospital (Lisbon), Lisbon’s Civil Protection, Norton de Matos CCU (Coimbra), S. João Hospital (Porto), Santo António Hospital (Porto), Júlio Dinis Maternity Hospital (Porto), Maria Pia Hospital (Porto), CASA – Homeless Support Centers (Albufeira, Cascais, Coimbra, Faro, Paredes, Porto, Funchal and Setúbal), Senhora da Oliveira Hospital (Guimarães), Douro e Vouga Hospital Center (Aveiro), Santarém’s District Hospital, Ovar Hospital, Cascais Town Hall, Carnide Parish Council, Azambuja Town Hall, Portuguese Red Cross and ‘Vida e Paz’ Community were some of the entities already supported by ‘Missão Continente’.


In this national emergency period, ‘Missão Continente’ vouches to continue to respond to the requests for support that arise.

In addition to responding to the requests that arrive because of the exceptional situation the country is experiencing, ‘Missão Continente’ maintains the usual daily donations of surplus from its stores to more than 1,000 social solidarity and animal support institutions, from north to south of the continental territory and islands, helping to minimize the needs of each institution.

In this national emergency period, one of Continente’s goals is to support local production and help small producers sell their products.


Continente is promoting the integration of new members in the Continente Producers Club (“Clube de Produtores Continente”), in order to help Portuguese producers selling their products.


Continente Producers Club’s goal is to provide premium national products to customers, resulting from working in partnership with producers, supported by technical and scientific knowledge and guaranteeing all the strict safety and product quality procedures. The Club is also committed to supporting local production, to small scale producers, managing to supply some stores in the Continente chain, resulting in an offer of “Products from the Region”.


Watch the film here >


To be part of the Continente Producers Club, please contact us through the email:

Be a public health agent: stay home and only go out to buy what is essential.


For your safety and that of everyone, we ask that you follow the recommendations and protection advice when going to the supermarket:

In queues, always respect the distance and follow the priority rules

Take your own bags

Avoid payment in cash, use MBWay or the Continente Card App

Avoid touching your face with your hands

Buy only what’s necessary

Avoid going with family and take care with the elderly and people at risk

  • Before leaving home, think carefully: do you have any symptoms?

The first rule to avoid contagion is for infected people not to leave the house.

  • Plan the trip to the supermarket

Make a list of the products you need. This way it may take less time to make your purchases.

  • Go alone

Remember that supermarkets have limitations on the number of people. When going accompanied you are taking the place of others.

  • Keep safety distances

You must keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from the person in front of you. Service points are marked to help you.

  • Use gloves to handle carts and baskets

If you choose to use gloves to handle carts or baskets, remember that you should never touch your face, from the time you leave your house until you return, not even with the gloves on.

  • Do not touch food directly

Use the appropriate bags or gloves for this purpose.

  • Don’t speak over food
  • If you have to sneeze or cough

Cover your mouth with your forearm and away from food

  • Do not lick your fingers to open the plastic bag

The bag will open by rubbing it with your hands.

  • Choose safer payment methods

Choose to pay by MBWay or Continente Pay (at App Cartão Continente or App Continente Siga), instead of paying by bank card or cash.

  • When you get home

Wash your hands and place the food on a clean and disinfected surface, then wash it properly before cooking.

Check out the government website with all the relevant information on the new corona virus prevention and containment measures:

Always count on us! We continue to feed Portugal!

This is the time to collectively take action in defending the country and the population, in terms of fighting the spread of the Covid 19 virus.
We need to be supportive and responsible.


We begin by praising the exemplary role that our more than 95 thousand employees in the food sector have been playing, by securely guaranteeing supply and service in more than 3,500 stores spread across the country. To all of them, our sincere thank You!


We would like to send a message of tranquillity to all Portuguese, reiterating that at this moment there are no signs of breakage in the supply of products to our stores. We are all working together with national production, with industries and with the Government to ensure, as up until now, that this flow happens with all the necessary agility.


The structure of food distribution in Portugal means that the availability of food and other essential products is not a problem for the population, whatever their location.


But we need everyone’s help to continue to feed Portugal. We appeal to the Portuguese population for the need for responsible and sensible behaviour. It is important that the Portuguese buy only what they need, allowing the flow of supply to occur smoothly. Each will have to do their part for the common good.


We are doing everything we can to overcome this challenge, as the safety and well-being of both our employees and customers is, and always will be, our priority.


Always count on us!





In case of suspected infection, contact with an infected patient or if you have returned from a foreign potentially risk country, call the health line 24.


808 24 24 24 (SNS 24)


When sneezing or coughing, cover your nose and mouth with tissue paper or your forearm.

Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use an alcohol-based solution.

Avoid close contact with people with respiratory infection.

Did you return from any of the affected areas?

Have you had contact with an infected patient?


808 24 24 24 (SNS 24)

and inform about your recent trip.